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I wore Kanye West’s super small slides for a day, and this is what happened

It’s called fashion guys


Once again, Kanye West became meme material when he stepped out in a pair of his very own Yeezy slides, whilst attending 2 Chainz's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and they were about two sizes too small for him.

As with anything that Mr. West does, there's a method to his madness. Kanye took to Twitter to clarify that he was wearing his slides "the Japanese way."

If Kanye West is following a trend, then so am I

My first point of call was to purchase the Yeezy slides. Sadly, I don't have Kanye's money or his wardrobe, for that matter. So instead of spending £65 on a pair of Yeezy slides, which don't even fit my size 7 feet, I decided to head to the holy-grail Primark.

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Now, I didn't just go into this experience having done no research. Obviously, I didn't want to look stupid, so I did have some criteria when choosing my perfect slides.

According to the picture Kanye posted on Twitter, my heel needed to hang at least 1cm off the edge of the shoe.

Whilst browsing in Primark, a lovely pair of navy blue sliders, at just £3, caught my eye.

I measured them up and they were the perfect fit, according to Kanye

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Yes I did bring my tape measure

With my sliders purchased and my spirits high, it was time to hit the streets and put my sliders to the test.

Unfortunately, my rapper best friend was not getting married that day, so for my #OOTD, I went for something simple yet effective in order to show off the real stars of the show – my sliders.

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Kanye wore grey socks and flip flops, so I wore grey socks and flip flops

It's all well and good making a fashion statement, which clearly these particular shoes are doing a great job of.

However, as with any shoe, they need to be practical

I had to make sure I could navigate my way around Roger Stevens at 9am for that late registration, grab my damn croissant at Bakery 164, and make it to Fruity Friday for last call, all whilst wearing my slides.

I had planned a series of activities to test the shoes practicality, and most importantly, how comfortable they were.

My first stop was a coffee trip. It's the beginning of September. The student loan has just dropped. It's time to be boujee and waste all of my money in the first term on Pret.

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Hi, can I have an iced almond milk latte to go pls?

I stood in line and ordered my coffee, whilst wearing my slides with pride. Admittedly, I did get a few odd stares here and there. The colour of my socks definitely did not help the situation, as all attention was immediately drawn to my feet.

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I drank my coffee whilst showing off my slides that were hanging off my feet.

The only con I had noticed at this point, (besides the judging looks from members of the public), was the fact that they were difficult to walk in.

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Can a girl not wear her slides in peace?

I had experienced walking on the nice tiled floors of Pret, it was time to face tougher grounds. The first of which was grass.

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Then, I ran into my second minor issue of the day

As it had rained the morning of purchasing the slides, my heels managed to get considerably damp as I walked along the wet grass. Kanye did not think about this flaw when wearing his custom slides, how could he be so heartless?

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I have to say walking on grass in the slides was pretty comfortable. I am ashamed to admit that I was beginning to like my Primark slides that didn't fit my feet. Kanye once said that the best things in life were free. I would have to disagree and say the best things in life are £3, can be found in Primark and are three sizes too small for you.

Now it was time to test them on gravel.

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Here is when things really started to heat up. I soon realised gravel was my slides kryptonite.

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Every time I took a step, I would lose balance and flick stones in my shoes. I even had to take the shoes off as my poor feet could not hack it.

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Gravel – 1, Slides – 0

I had not given up yet. I had one more test. No pain, no gain, am I right ladies?

My final test was walking up the stairs

Unsurprisingly, the slides failed this test too.

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Sucessful at first

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And then it turned to a tragedy

They fell off, resorting in me doing the walk of shame to the bottom of the stairs to collect my size 4 shoes, as I apologised to the people who were waiting to walk up.

After a whole day of wearing Kanye West's too small slides, I am finally able to give you a verdict. Are they worth it in the name of fashion? Absolutely not.

Stick to shoes that actually fit your feet, Kanye.