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A guide on where to actually go in Leeds this Freshers’ Week

Voodoo? Run for your damn life


Freshers' Week is daunting, I'm not going to deny it.

You don't even need to be in your first year to feel out of your depth during Freshers', because the worst part of it is not the moving, or the strangers, or the return to work after a four month summer.

No, the worst part of Freshers' is undoubtedly the extensive selection of events which you need to choose from. Nobody really knows where to begin.

Let's face it, most of the events which run on Freshers' are shit. Luckily, we have put together a guide, with a list of events that you should avoid at all costs and ones that are simply amazing.

Before anybody questions no, I am no promo wanker, just an opinionated person whom likes to enlighten those in need.

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So first and (very much) foremost, if there is anything you take from this article please let it be this, if you hear the word “Voodoo”, run.

Very soon, you will learn of the absolute horrors which are "Quids In" and "Projekt", both of which are held by "Voodoo". You are bound to experience them at some point, but PLEASE don't learn about these horrors during Freshers' Week. Leeds' glorious nightlife is just simply not going to be reflected in their nights out, so just don’t do it.

Freshers' is just around the corner, so don't go on Facebook and panic yourself when these maniacs are posting about Carnage )and God knows whatever else) and get yourself in a tizz. Just wait until you get here and go with the flow. Or you could just just take our word for it, and go for the ones we suggest here:

Triple Cooked: Weird and Wonderful (Church, Tuesday 25th September)

Where to begin…this event is just going to be the ONE.

Church, hand on heart, is one of the best venues in Leeds. The atmosphere and interior is always good and the room is a really good size for events such as Triple Cooked. Admittedly, it’s just so unholy drinking in a Church, but that is what makes the night that bit better.

Now for the evaluation of Triple Cooked: throughout the past year, the music and vibe is just TOO GOOD and everyone who ever goes always loves it. The genres cover house, to disco, to garage, and it’s a great mix for when you’re just dancing the night away with your mates. 10/10 would recommend.

Go Nuts at Donuts: The Fav Freshers Funhouse (The Faversham, Thursday 27th September)

This event will be a tight and busy one, but it is an essential for anyone that breathes. Donuts has an unbeatable array of music, from multiple upbeat and party genres and songs. This is always the best night out for all the girls, and for Freshers', Donuts just goes all out. They have inflatables and bouncy castles, does this need any more selling? As a warning however, the Donuts at the event do fly out, so don’t have your heart set on getting one. Donuts at the Fav really has a Leeds uni vibe and is a special place to make the best memories (or the best blurred memories, at least).

Flux Opening Party (Beaver Works, Wednesday 26th September)

You just can’t get anymore Leeds than Beaver Works, and if you haven’t already been, we severely recommend you go, as soon as you physically can.

Flux is a great (but heavy) night out, and is perfect for anyone that likes house, techno and bass. To be honest, if you want a pop night out, this just isn't your event. Flux always has great aesthetics and a great atmosphere that no other night out can ever truly capture. Just make sure you take Thursday day to recover before singing your heart and busting a move out at Donuts.

Fruity Welcome Party ( Leeds University Union, Friday 21st September)

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You need to know that there is no night in Leeds as good as our own SU night, Fruity Friday. Sure, it isn't as edgy as other club nights around the city, but will you really care about that when you're blasting out Mr Brightside, having, quite simply, the best time of your life? No, didn't think so.

Fruity is an icon which every other club can only dream of aspiring to. See you there.

Bobby’s Disco Club (Headrow House, Monday 17th September)

OK, this isn’t technically Freshers' Week, but this just had to be added into the mix anyway.

Headrow House is launching a night called ‘Bobby’s Disco Club’ on Monday 17th September. This would be a good event to take your new flat mates to, and get a few drinks. Or, for second and third years (or even you fourth years out there) it is a good night to rekindle friendships that may have been strained from that long summer. The night promises major disco fever through the "funkiest" melodies which we can only hope Headrow will deliver.

Headrow is a cool venue with a rooftop area, and the "You Used To Call Me On My Cell Phone" lights are no stranger to the old Instagram. It would be the perfect event for you to ease yourself into Freshers' and make everybody jealous that you picked the coolest city in the country to study in.