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A comprehensive list of where to eat in Leeds

Because food makes everything better

Finding somewhere to eat in Leeds is hard when everywhere is so damn good. Literally, even our takeaways are probably some of the best in the country (source = me), and if you doubt me all you have to do is have one portion of chips in Crispy's to be converted. But with so many options, there's got to be a few that really top the list, right? Right. And here they are. Read, enjoy, savour, check them out, ignore our advice completely, it's up to you. But if you do go to these places, 100 per cent you will not be disappointed. Trust me.


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Nothing beats a good battered sausage and chips at the end of a night out. You may not want to enter into the depths of Crispy’s when sober, but at 4am with the music blasting and packed with drunken revellers, Crispy’s is by far one of the best places to get some good takeaway food.


When Crispy’s isn’t quite what you fancy, then Zulfi’s is definitely the way forward. Pizza to die for, chips and cheese, definitely making a stroll back home through Hyde Park worthwhile when you can stop off here at the end of the night.

The Greasy Pig

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The breakfast bap like no other, the greasy pig will help cure any hungover morning cravings. Providing basically all of your breakfast needs, the Greasy Pig sorts out any early morning.


Situated in the centre of Leeds Uni Student Union, Terrace is always buzzing with life. Not only do they have a happy hour pretty much every day, but the food is often too easily overlooked. From quesadilla’s to halloumi bites, it’s fab for being able to get a bit boozy whilst also enjoying some good food.


Now, this may not be everyone’s favourite, but Flames is another classic place to eat after a long night out. Providing a perhaps cheaper alternative to somewhere like McDonald’s, you definitely won’t walk away disappointed after sampling their chicken nuggets and chips.

Trinity Kitchen

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Definitely unique to Leeds, Trinity Kitchen is one place you don’t want to miss out going to whilst at Uni. With basically every cuisine under the sun in its midst, it is the perfect place to go to with friends to avoid the classic arguments when everyone is fancying something different for lunch. There is really something for everyone.

Bakery 164

Sandwiches like no other, Bakery 164 can definitely make a long day at uni worth the pain. Although usually packed at the prime time of 1pm, the toasties that you end up with at the end of this is 100 per cent worth the wait.

L'Art du Fromage

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A fairly new restaurant in Leeds, L'Art du Fromage specialises entirely in cheese. I'm not joking. Literally mountains of cheese fondue, potatoes, and bread to satisfy all your cheese-y desires. Seriously, you've got to try it.