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The best places to go in Leeds to get your Instagram feed looking fresh

Anything to get over 100 likes am I right

If you are wanting your Instagram feed to be looking funky fresh, then keep reading. There are so many "edgy" and unique places in Leeds that you may not know about, which have the perfect setting for your photos. Want a sexy selfie? Some filler shots for your feed? Then these are the perfect places you need to get yourselves down to!

LS6 Cafe

Located in the heart of Hyde Park, known as the student city, there is a cute little cafe with the most beautiful interior that you need to be visiting. Not only this, but the food is insane, including lots of vegetarian and vegan choices to tickle your taste buds. If you are going to visit this place, then get your makeup on or your hair gelled and you will be sure to have a cute candid photo with these stunning settings.

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Temple Coffee & Doughnuts

Now this cafe is very fun indeed, unfortunately it is kind of hidden away but once you get there you won’t regret it. Us students love to have some fun with our crazy friends and you can do exactly that. Simply because there is a photo booth! Get all of your friends squeezed into the booth and you can get some snaps here for just £3. The decorations here are also super quirky, with a wall of merchandise you can buy and a bright pink wall with some inspiring words. There are so many picture opportunities for you in this cafe, even the coffee is cool and come with hearts printed. Then not forgetting the bottom of the mug saying “I’m empty”. I mean, just how edgy can you get?

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Corn Exchange

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Leeds, with such mesmerising and elegant looking interior that you can’t not get some good photos here. Based in Leeds city centre, the Corn Exchange has some cute little cafes and vintage shops. Not only do you have this perk, but it is all within one stunning building.

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Graffiti Walls

There are so many walls in Leeds that have colourful graffiti on that you can use as your background for a fire picture of yourself. We all love a bit of colour involvement to get your Instagram feed looking bright and happy. Yes, you will get people beeping their horn and staring at you like you're an alien, but embrace it. You gotta do what you gotta do for the 'gram haven’t you?

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Your own house

If you are not feeling going out into Leeds and want to do something with your day, then there are still lots of photo opportunities in your own home. If you are wanting some portraits of yourself, all you simply have to do is get some natural sunlight into your room, sit in a good position and snap away! Your garden can come of great advantage too, a good angle can go a long way. If you are into all of this, then it is a really good thing for you and your housemates to do, to spend some time together too!

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Although some places in Leeds don't look too appealing, you can still work with it and get some cool pics! The angles are always important along with the editing. So put on your best outfit, your best pose and snap away!