Is it just me or does every boy at Leeds wear these things?

Never underestimate the power of the puffer

If you see some slightly greasy haired boys with oversized puffer (tommy Hilfiger optional) there is a very good choice you have found yourself in or around Leeds uni.

The stereotypes don’t lie in the case of Leeds, many of its inhabitants frequent the kilo vintage sale and depop is their favourite app, branded with at least one urban outfitters approved brand, and some wouldn’t be seen dead in Fruity.

So here’s a compilation of some of the classics it seems every Leeds boy wears, you at least own one of them.

Patagonia, Brixton, Stussy, Nike Tshirts

Fair enough, a tshirt is pretty go to and basic for everyone, but the native to Leeds uni has some particular brands they eat, sleep and breathe in. You are bound to see at least 5 Patagonia logos emblazoned on the backs of the boys of Leeds on a night out and if not, he's probably sporting his fav Stussy whilst its in the wash.

Trying to show of the logo or just embarrassed?

Trying to show of the logo or just embarrassed?

A cap, always within reaching distance of the Leeds boy

Often used to hide greasy hair after a big night out at Beaver Works, the cap is a Leeds classic, if you're ever in doubt of the edgy-ness of your outfit, add a cap. And if you really want to get your moneys worth, I know of a couple boys who use their iconic caps to style their hair, can't go wrong really. (points for you if theres that special little tick in the corner)

That cap is really blocking out all that sunlight in Eddy B

That cap is really blocking out all that sunlight in Eddy B

Trainers are the only footwear choice

Prefarably Vans and usually covered and a mysterious sticky substance acquired the Friday before in Sticky Feet. This adds to the look though, the dirtier the better is the motto, just to prove to everyone that you are actually a total legend and go out every night of the week.

A shirt to throw over your Tshirt

Flannels are a favourite for this one and really boosts your Leeds look. For the chillier days where you still wanna show off your wavey garms, a shirt (preferably vintage) to throw over your tshirt is perfect and seems to be a go to look.


It does however get cold and incredibly rainy in Leeds at times and a windbreakers is a Leeds favourite to protect you from the harsh weather. Adidas do some of the classics and provide a range of colours, so you can try your best to stand out from the crowd, even though all of your friends probably have the same one somewhere in their wardrobe.

A number of festival wristbands combined with a number of stories you didn’t ask to hear about

Yes, we know you went to Lattitude, Boomtown and that really cool foreign fest and no we do not want to hear about all the girls you banged or how you 'found yourself' in Budapest. Super cool wristbands though.

Skinny but not too skinny jeans (rips are welcomed)

In an attempt to avoid people thinking you may be the fifth member of Boyzone, you try to ensure the jeans are skinny enough to show off all the gains you made that one time you went to the gym, but not too baggy that you look like a Sk8er Boi extra. It's a fine line that must me treaded carefully and many add rips in order to "edgify" their look a touch more.

Topman's finest

Topman's finest