If you don’t own these items then are you even at Leeds?

If you don’t shop in Urban Outfitters go home

Say what you want, but there’s a Leeds look which we’re all trying to master. You don’t need to be going to the gym to wear gym leggings. You may not be a full edgy Leeds gal – but chances are you own some of these:

That Urban Outfitters green puffer jacket

If you don’t end up owning one of these then did you really go to Leeds? No doubt you will get a feature on the Instagram page dedicated to the renowned puffer. Just grab your green puffer and black backpack, and you’re good to go.

A crop top

I mean what else are you going to wear on a night out to Flux – or any club really. Trust me, if you’re on the fence, the grass is definitely greener on the short side.

Mom jeans from Topshop

Probably the coolest way to wear denim. Skinny jeans are dying, it’s all about the mom jeans. Buy a pair of these and you will be the edgiest gal in Leeds. There’s no doubt about it.

Really expensive scrunchies

Perfect for a bad hair day, or any day really. Either half up, half down or the classic high pony – you’ll be very on trend, fitting in with the very 90s fashion amongst Leeds students.


You’re going to Canal Mills for the first time so, what do you need? Yes, you guessed it, you really just need glitter.

And really the more on your face, the better.


Gym gear

Whether you’re heading to the gym or not, you will end up wearing your gym clothes to lectures. Letting everyone on your course know you’re a real fitness girl and take the gym very seriously.

Also, if you did actually go to the gym, make sure you tell everyone about it all day.


A black backpack

Not just perfect for carrying all those lecture notes and bottles of voddy, but really just for completing that jazzy look.

Also, it really should be black!