Meet the first year food blogger with over 200,000 Instagram followers

You’ll wish she was your housemate

Fresher Izy Hossack has over a whopping 200,000 Instagram followers drooling over her incredible food.

Izy, who unsurprisingly studies Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds Uni, has already had a cookbook published – when she was only 18.

Izy, whose mum taught her to bake at early age, started reading food blogs in 2010 and was inspired to create her own. Her Instagram is only a few years old but she has already amassed a large following.

She says the hardest part of balancing her blog and uni, is not the work load but timetabling: “The hardest thing to work around is daylight, to be honest.

“I only ever take photos in natural light so, especially during winter, there’s only a certain window of time I can create content in.”

“Again I’m used to this now so I know that if I have a lecture at 11 but need to take photos, I’ll make sure I get up in time to make/photograph the food while I can.”

As well as making her gorgeous dishes, she finds the whole process of Instagramming really enjoyable: “I’m a really visually driven person, so I find creating the content incredibly satisfying.

“After a while I’d defined my own style and I hope that’s what interested people in following me.”

Her individuality also applies to her cooking. Izy, whilst an avid follower of other food bloggers is “happy doing her own thing.

“It’s so easy to gain inspiration from all over the world whilst carving out your own little corner for the things you love and make.”

On the future of her blog she said: “It’s great because food is an ever changing, infinitely adaptable and essential thing it means I never have to stop!”

Her housemates also get to share in the rewards. Although not so keen on the vegetarian stuff she mostly cooks on weekdays, her weekend baking has made her an ideal housemate.

You can follow Izy on her Instagram topwithcinnamon.