Were you spotted at Good Life?

The best dressed guests at Fools Paradise

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After the success of Good Life last year it was inevitable that the clean-cut Union was going to have big glittery shoes to fill. 

Luckily, their Fools Paradise festival did not disappoint, with a panoply of wavy garms, silly haircuts, over-sized glasses and glitter assailing the senses like a hipster offensive on the dull and dreary.

The outfits on display were as bizarre, extraordinary, and disturbing as the people wearing them, and you couldn’t turn around without seeing a topknot.

We headed down to capture some of the most remarkable garms on offer.

Clint Friction, Third Year, Maths

Wavy garms and an even wavier name – quintessential Good Life here. Or is this the stage name of his failed hip-hop bedroom project?

Sam Staff, Graduate, Music Production

Hat, studs, and stylish beard? This man was forged in Leeds.

Zoe Burlison, Second Year, History, and Tiffany Quinn, Second Year, Neuroscience

Zoe pulls off this stripy crop top and black trousers combo like a pro . She’s got  competition from Tiffany though – the two piece velvet set is as warm as it is debonair.

Nathan Hamilton, First Year, Biochemistry, Georgiana Grant, Second Year, History and Russian Civilization, and Julia Smith, Second Year, Biological Sciences

The more mature style adopted by these revelers is kind of ruined by the “I’m a 12-year-old on Facebook” pose they’ve got going there.

Jon Rabone, Second Year, Geography

What an absolute banana.

Immy Catarinella, Fourth Year, French

Blue and red patterned cape, a pink drapey skirt, a fannypack and a baseball cap? Just your standard night out.

Eliza Bratley, Fourth Year, Theatre and Performance

Possibly one of the most extravagant outfits of the evening – the Corpse Bride mixed with a scintilla of steampunk.

Izzie Shaw, Third Year, English Literature and Theatre, and Holly Johnson, Third Year, Philosophy and Politics

A simple gray top and a matching glowing umbrella fits a charm.

Ellie Chambers, Second Year, History

This bleached blue top and brown skirt combination exudes sass on an interdimensional scale.

Daniella Geraci, First Year, History of Art and Fine Art

More bloody bananas.