Leeds ranked 87th best uni in the world

Beckett didn’t even place

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The University of Leeds has been ranked 87th in the QS Worldwide Top Universities rankings.

The results put Leeds behind many other UK unis, including Manchester (30th), Nottingham (70th) and Sheffield  (80th).

Despite the defeat, Leeds can still be proud of making the top 100 in the world, although we did draw with the “Pohang University of Science and Technology”.

Flanked by our old rivals

Flanked by our old rivals

We can take solace in the fact we beat Yorkshire rivals York, who didn’t even break into the top 100.

We also smashed our previous world ranking of 97th in 2013 and 2014 and 92nd in 2012.

Leeds was also ranked ‘very high’ for research and soared up the league tables for English Language & Literature, ranking 38th in the world.

So although Leeds didn’t rank that highly, at least we can officially claim to be the best in Leeds after Beckett failed to rank at all.

What Leeds? Uni.