Joyless app tries to stop you drunk dialling

You can still text though

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Dreary download Drunk Mode is the app which aims to stop you making booze-fuelled phone calls to friends and family.

In an affront to a now-ubiquitous part of the Great British night out, it allows overly cautious users to block certain contacts on their phone for up to 12 hours.

Drunk Mode has been downloaded over 300,000 times in the last year, but hasn’t done anything to stop drunk texting. So even if you can’t ring bae, you can embarrass yourself with the keyboard.

When you tell your Gran how much you love her

When you tell your Gran how much you love her

The Drunk dialling feature works by removing the phone number from pre-selected contacts – so if you’re worried you might be inappropriate to your ex, your best mate or your mum you can let it know in advance.

The really determined pisshead can turn drunk mode off by answering a reasonably straightforward maths question, rendering the whole thing pretty pointless.

One reasonably cool feature though is breadcrumbs, which allows you to track exactly where you went on your last night out.

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With the full Android version, you should also be able to retrieve your drunk snapchats the next morning to get a crystal-clear picture of how much of a disgrace you are.

Drunk Mode is the creation of American developer Joshua Anton who founded the app after being the victim of an unexpected call from a call when he was at The University of Virginia.

It also allows you to find on a map where your friends are if you’ve lost them – something which wouldn’t be an issue if you could use your phone like anyone else.

Just use your calculator

Just use your calculator

Serial drunk menace and Leeds fourth year Bob Palmer said: “I’m not buying it. The only reason I get drunk is to work up the courage to call my ex anyway.”

A full version will be available in Europe in summer this year. It’s an essential download if you can’t be trusted or have no sense of fun.