The university’s toilet cubicle graffiti is deep and inspirational

They’re central to modernist avant-garde philosophical thought


How do you get inspiration?

Do you read the philosophical works of Kant perhaps? Does listening to the movements and cadences of Mozart’s finest symphony fill you with a desire to become that better person you’ve always wanted to be? Or does the romanticism of the setting sun on a clear summers evening obliterate the tedious ennui of the day, compelling oneself to ponder on the great questions of life – what are we doing here? What is the meaning of existence? Why isn’t the Hidden Café bloody hidden?

If any of these methods fail to induce you into a state of deep rumination then having a poo in Leeds University toilets might be the best way to achieve that desired state of nirvana.

Long regarded as being central to modernist avant-garde philosophical thought, the humble toilet cubicle has been paving the way in metaphysical cogitation since its invention by Stone Age cavemen. The Leeds University toilet cubicles are no exception to this illustrious past.

This simple but effective question really cuts to the very core of all philosophical musings. What’s the thing below though? Some sort of cosmological fish?

This succinct mantra can really help you comprehend the endless possibilities of the multiverse.”I Fucking”…what?

This curious phrase conjures up an impressive range of theoretical questions and hypotheses. HOW do we see the fnord’s? WHAT defines a fnord? Are we all fnords unaware of our true existential identity?

Gender confusion seems to be a big talking point in the Union toilets. What really defines us as a gender? Is the idea of being a “man” or a “lad” a metaphorical construct or simply a paradigm of proto-Freudian bravado? These are just some of the questions you can deliberate on whilst having that pre-Fruity poo.

Who would have thought that this devastating exposé on the state of modern America would appear on the door of a union toilet cubicle in Leeds? It looks fresh so expect some insightful counter-arguments to materialize in the next few days. Expostulation and riposte are likely.

This pioneer of the toilet cubicleism branch of philosophy delivers an astute observation of the current field. He was even kind enough to correct himself…or is that asterisk a footnote reference to the extended bibliography?

This radical apologist has been largely dismissed by other critics.

The ability to feel dark and warm at the same time is a substantial contribution to our understanding of the Goth- Radiator complex which continues to disprove the Caucasian-in-an-ice Bath theorem.

The latest works in modern art are displayed in many a Leeds University toilet cubicle. Drawing on inspirations from Michelangelo to Picasso, these young anonymous artists continue to inspire a whole generation of student shitters.