Are you offended by letting agents posting pictures of people leering at your bum?

The best photo gets £500 apparently

Headingley based MHS lettings have been posting suggestive photos of new housemates as part of a Facebook competition.

They will be giving £500 on the 1st of July to the tenants who can produce the most outrageous picture based on how many likes it gets on Facebook .

Their page displays a collection of student arses, sexy poses, and, of course, new tenants doing impressions of walruses.

MHS letting agent Mark said: “All the other agents have started to copy me which is starting to piss me off.

“A lot of other agents buy likes in bulk, this is quite obvious when they [Facebook likes] are all from Turkey.

“I’d rather than spend the money on leaflets and Google adwords I just thought it would be nicer to give it to the tenants”.

The Leeds graduate says the suggestive snaps “help liven up the atmosphere of the office” and “give an incentive for the tenants to work towards”.

Among his favourite photos so far are “the one of some girls spreading their legs in the air on a desk” and rather more concisely “the Walrus one”.

All the photos are devised by the group taking part in them before being posted.

A quick survey of the pictures available shows a wide range of imaginative, attempts to secure that magical £500. The winning photo, Mark says, “is going to be the most outrageous”.

So, is this a creative way to win £500, or the definitive way to get FemSoc on your heels?