What do locals really think of us?

Turns out most of them don’t really give a shit

Though to say the population of Leeds doubles when students are around is a gross overestimate, it’s true that we – from all corners of England, the UK and the world – leave our mark on the city whenever we stay here.

We thought it would be appropriate to ask the locals whether we were more like a trademark or a persistent skid-mark.


“To be honest, I left uni three years ago, and ever since I left I stopped liking students. They’re good customers, though. And you can take the ‘partying’ comment however you like.”

Have no idea what his name is but he’s a Hare Krishna Monk

“I haven’t thought about it really, but they’re cool, I guess.”

Clearly monks don’t have that much to say about us…


“I have friends who are students, and they’re a really good bunch of guys. But then there are the other students.

“You know; the ones who litter outside Sainsbury’s and make a hell of a lot of noise in the process.

“I don’t like those ones.”


“In Italia l’attuale situazione economica causa sfiducia negli studenti I quali non di rado fuggono all’estero dove ci sono opportunitá migliori di crescita”

Translation straight from the bowels of Google Translate

“In Italy, the current economic situation due to lack of confidence in students who often flee abroad where there are the best opportunities for growth”

Basically, he says that there aren’t many opportunities for students in Italy after they graduate, and so loads of Italians go abroad to find jobs.

Ali and Mike

“They’re also terrifying!”

It’s true; I’ve scared myself many times with my own horrifying studentness.


“Things are much quieter when you guys aren’t around, and the nightlife is better because there aren’t so many drunk people bumping into you when you’re out.

“But when you’re here there are more gigs and stuff, because they know the students will buy tickets.”


“I guess students make the city feel alive, and they bring new experiences to us whenever they come back from the holidays.”


Maybe it’s all the edgy people in Leeds pooping all of our parties.


“To be honest, I graduated only last year, so I’m bound to be biased.”