Tormented second-year finally gets justice after racking up nearly £1K in parking fines

His struggle is real


A brave second year has won his five-week struggle with Leeds City Council after getting a shocking FOURTEEN parking tickets. 

The huge pile of tickets meant he racked up a staggering fine of £980 in just over a month by parking outside his own house.

Second year Olly Thomas, whose experience has scarred him so much he didn’t want to pose for photos, says the parking officers are “just twats really”.

Olly was forced to post a message on his car to ward off the fines, saying: “Attention, stop with all the tickets. Awaiting permit! Peace + love.”

He told the Tab he’s tried to reason with the parking officers but was told they “are just doing their job.”

“My landlord didn’t tell me I needed a permit so I just parked outside, when I got back I had a fine

“I applied for a permit and they told me to write a note on my car until the permit came through but I got tickets anyway.”

In addition to writing a heartfelt plea to the parking officers Olly also tried to catch them in the act.

He says: “I even came outside of the house whilst the parking officer was writing a ticket and showed him the contract.

“But he said he was just doing his job and gave me a ticket anyway. To be honest they’re just twats really.”

Olly said it got to the point where the ruthless parking attendants came every day.

The brave student says: “It was the same guy and he knew where I was going to park, I didn’t want to move my care because I am quite a stubborn person”.

Olly says he would be prepared to go to court and is confident he would win. He has been in contact with the council but said for a while there was a “serious cloud” over him about the fines.

Luckily Olly’s ordeal has ended with a parking permit courtesy of the council who has also told him he won’t have to pay the fines.