10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re a Leeds History Student

Apart from knowing your Cavaliers from your Krak des Chavaliers…

1. You have a lot of time off…

2. Far, far too much time off…

3. You can’t sit through certain films without pointing out the gaping historical inaccuracies.

4. The slow realisation you’re spending £9,000 a year on what is essentially a free pass to Brotherton and Eddie B

5. When tutors put their own books on the reading list

6. Having absolutely ages to do an essay, and still leaving it to the last minute

7. The most important book you need is always taken out

8. Knowing that you are on a steady and lucrative career path

9. The hatred you hold for anyone who thinks History is unimportant or boring

10. “What can you be with a history degree? History Teacher?”