Leeds Students Become Targets of Online “Creep” Network

An underground team of voyeurs are secretly taking photos of female Leeds students.


It’s the hidden culture we never knew about.

Female Leeds students are being stalked by an unknown gang of pervy photographers who are part of a global “creep” network.

Covert cameramen are invading the privacy of female Leeds students across the city by taking inappropriate pictures of them and then posting them online via various twitter accounts.

Hiding in plain sight – The creep culture could’ve been targeting Leeds students for years

A quick search revealed that the pictures, through a series of retweets, appear on the @CreepBJ account which has a following of over 47,000 twitter users.

The twitter account @creepcandidsUK first tweeted the collection of unsolicited snaps, which were then picked up by others in the “creep” community, including the website creepshots.com.

The images, which frequently focus on the lower half of women, show what appear to be Leeds students. They appear to be unaware that they are being photographed.

The snaps are then distributed online for the viewing pleasure of a global network of creep contacts as far afield as Nebraska and Melbourne.

One creep warns another to “be careful” while praising him for his work in Leeds

Many of the accounts have since been deleted from Twitter.

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