BNOC Of The Year: The Final

Welcome to the GRAND FINAL of the only student election you care about.

Update: It’s all over! Jack Bell has been crowned BNOC Of The Year!

So four weeks of Facebook campaigning and just under 5,000 votes have brought us to this. The final of the mega-official BNOC of the year competition.

The winner will be announced at this Thursday’s Tequila, meaning there are just four frantic days of voting to decide who puts the ‘B’ in BNOC and settle this dispute once and for all (or at least for a year)

Alice Keane fought her way to victory in last week’s highly competitive group and so takes the last place in the final.

With all that out the way, here’s a reminder of why these brave four have earned their places.

James Munro

The rugby voting bloc proved just how powerful it can be when it effectively crowned James the king of our first round. Though he strongly denies any involvement, it’s rumoured that his ‘BNOC’ business card is still doing the rounds and he’ll surely be hoping for a strong turnout from the rugby crowd to validate that card’s very existence.

Jack Bell

It’s rumoured that Jack’s victory in the second round was the spark that has ignited his current run for Activities Exec in the Union. As club captain, Jack’s also courting the rugby vote alongside Mr. Munro, though his showmanship and involvement in other extra curricular activities has also been hinted as an explanation for his popularity.

Amos Schonfield

Some say Amos’s place in the final is down to an easy group, but considering the LSR champ easily disposed of the other student media titans as well as a snowrider and medic, Mr. Schonfield and his 38% share of the vote have a strong claim to be in the final round.

Alice Keane

If this competition was decided by the amount of effort put in campaigning for votes, Alice would win it by a landslide. The BNOC hype machine was in full swing when she won group four, so although Alice’s majority may not be the highest in terms of percentage, the sheer amount of votes she managed to amass puts her in strong contention for the crown.


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