A Shite For Sore Eyes

Seven girls suffer sewage explosion. WARNING: this article contains pictures of poop.

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WARNING: This article contains pictures of poop.

A group of third years have been left up a proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle after their drain decided it had literally had enough of their shit.

The house of seven girls has been left with sewage spewed all across their garden and a gag-inducing stench permeating through their home as a result.

The Origin of Feces

It’s not the first time it’s happened either, with the girls having to hire a plumber to sort out the mess when they found themselves in the same situation earlier in the year.

Instead of forking out over £200 again though, this time they’re renting out a jet washer to blast away the bilge.

They told The Tab: “It smells awful -we gag every time we go out the back. We’re hiring a jet washer to try and clean the pipes as that’s cheaper than a plumber”.

The weather’s been cited as a cause for the drain’s implosion but that gives little solace to those having to put up with the filth.