Leeds city council set to leave students in the dark.

Students could soon find themselves in the dark with council plans to switch off selected street lights between the hours of midnight and 5am.

By turning off one in every ten street lamps, Leeds city council hope to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

The decision comes as a surprising move, especially considering the string of attacks that students found themselves victims of last year.

Union Community Exec Ben Fisher said: “We’d be concerned about the impact on community safety for students”

“LUU aims to help students feel safer where they live and study, and students already raise dim and badly lit streets as issues in their areas.”

Several students have also expressed their concern about the move, primarily worrying for their safety.

Liz, a second year sociology student, told The Tab: “It would make me feel unsafe coming home from nights out”.

Richard, a third year Music student said: “After the muggings last year, I would be worried about taking out anything valuable”.

It is still not certain exactly which lights and streets will be blacked out, though the council insists it will keep high-crime areas illuminated.