Website of the week: the nicest place on the internet

Feeling unloved? Grab yourself a free cuddle with this little slice of happiness.

Feeling cold, unloved and homesick? Well get yourself over to The Nicest Place on the Internet, you miserable old sod!

Rather like former website of the week, The Nicest Place on the Internet is here to make you feel better. Just open it up and receive an endless stream of warming cuddles.

The hugs come from people you’ve never met before, making them all the more exciting. Where in the world could your next cuddler come from? America? Japan? Who knows.

Some have said The Nicest Place of the Internet bears a creepy similarity to cult webcam site Chat Roulette. To be honest, The Tab certainly knows what they mean.

But whether The Nicest Place is heartwarming or sinister, it still makes for hypnotic viewing.

Click here to visit The Nicest Place on the Internet.