Tab Meets: 6StMikes

Steph Cameron gets inside the minds of Leeds’ biggest lads


Edit: following this we were invited to party with 6StMikes. This is what happened

Introducing @6StMikes. For the unaware, these ten Met lads, along with their outrageously banterously raucous Unay poon-slaying beer-drinking mentality, have gained over 500 followers on twitter and the unofficial title of Leeds’ biggest lads. We got in touch with them to find out all the whos, hows, whys and whens of the 6StMikes lifestyle.

Unwinding after a hard day of lectures

The Tab: Let’s start with your names: you’re all top lads but are any of you called jack?

@6StMikes: Two out of ten: Jack, Jack, Niall, Ollie, Jake (Boycey), Iwan, Jon, Josh, Ben and Nicky

The Tab: Courses?

@6StMikes: All Sports courses except for 2 one doing quantity surveying and one doing Nutrition (not just pretty faces ;))

The Tab: What’s your attendance like?

Keeping the fans happy

@6StMikes: Varies within the group some rarely go, some go on a reg. Obviously higher attendance but if we go out on a night out and less than half shagged it’s been a poor night.

The Tab: Could you sum up your house in three words?

@6StMikes: Beer, Birds and Banter

The Tab: Who’s the ‘top shagger’?

@6StMikes: Jon is the best shagger as he’s shagged over 60 girls overall and is on around 30 just in two years at uni (15 in 6stmikes)

The Tab: Strongest?

@6StMikes: Niall and Jon can both bench around 135KG

The Tab: Best night out in Leeds?

@6StMikes: Teknicolor or a classic Oceana Wednesdays

The Tab: Highlight of 6StMike’s year so far?

@6StMikes: One of the lads pulled a bird in a club, went to hers, shit himself, travelled back to 6stmikes for a shower, returned and did the deed.

The Tab: Drink of choice?

@6StMikes: Piss is a commonly drunk drink on a night out for the 6stmikes boys. But we all love beer.

The Tab: How often do you guys go out?

@6StMikes: We go out at least once a week usually twice. A majority go home at weekends for work and rugby so we cant go out weekends.

The Tab: Go-to fancy dress outfit?

@6StMikes: We dressed up as cats for Halloween in leggings etc.. (7/10 shagged)

The Tab: How would you go about chatting me up?

@6StMikes: Do you want to come to mine for sex and pizza?

The Tab: No…

@6StMikes: Oh, you don’t like pizza?

The Tab: Tits or arse?

@6StMikes: Anything with a pulse

The Tab: Ten most commonly heard words in the 6StMikes household?

@6StMikes: Craic, Bite, Gym, Beer, Loose moose, Shags, Badger, Fingering, Naughty, Powerful

The Tab: Finally, any advice for anyone wanting to live the 6StMikes lifestyle?

@6StMikes: Don’t even try