Uni Confessions Page Goes Viral

Facebook page detailing Leeds’s “most disgusting, hilarious, embarrassing confessions” goes viral

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A new Facebook page celebrating Leeds’ students most hilarious, horrifying, and humiliating moments has become the latest viral hit, reaching 2250 likes in just under 20 hours.

As a Leeds student, you gradually grow accustomed to the recurring evening chaos as students take the centre by storm.

But this new group aims to expose the more secretive and embarrassing side to university life.

The page asks students to: “Message us your most disgusting, hilarious, embarrassing confessions from Leeds University! It will be posted ANONYMOUSLY on our page. So don’t be shy, lets just have a laugh!”

So far, more than 30 people have commented on the group with posts covering everything from the excruciatingly intimate to the shamefully public. Below The Tab lists our top posts so far.

Short and sweet.

However, not all the comments have been so brazen. One student lamented on the time he was unable to buy a pasty because of a chronic lack of funds.

The Tab feels your pain Matt

The page has also come to the attention of Union officials who are apparently attempting to remove it from Facebook.

Not all students who have posted stories have been happy to see them so widely shared.

The page’s owners say they have been co-operative in removing stories that have prompted a backlash.

When asked about why the page was started, its owners told The Tab:

“The page is just a bit of harmless fun. Everyone loves hearing funny and embarrassing stories and the page is just a great way to share them.”

For more awkward and embarrassing moments from your fellow Leeds students, go to the Facebook page.