Hyde Park Picture House

Too many nights out in Freshers? Suffering the dreaded Freshers flu? Try something different and head down

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I know cinemas are costly, and the experience is ruined by some fat bloke slurping on a drink and crunching pop-corn, but the Picturehouse is something else. It’s a cinema with an essence of nostalgia, like one of those old-fashioned movie theatres our parents saw Star Wars in, long before the days of streaming and doing everything on the cheap…it is a truly authentic place in a brilliant student location.

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For any horror fans out there, pencil this date into your diary. Halloween is only a month away and Hyde Park Picturehouse is celebrating World Zombie Day (13th October).

There will be a double-bill of horror classics Night of the Living Dead and City of the Living Dead. It’s an event not to be missed and a good chance to see the inspirations behind the modern horror genre. Get a few friends down there and dress up for this great night out.