Meet the Insta-cats of Exeter

Meow indeed

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If you’ve got a penchant for purrfect pussies then look no further: here’s the shortlist of Exeter’s most photogenic felines.

Exeter Campus Cat

lThe one and only campus cat needs no introduction. He even has his own Facebook page which states that he works as a Mouse Disposal Expert at Birks Grange and is currently studying for an MA in self-cleaning and pest control.

His most memorable posts include “wht 2 do 4 ma birfday? lol EX4?” and “Cat puns freak meowt. Seriously, I’m not kitten” (it’s hard to type without opposable thumbs).

St. Lukes Cat

lOver on the other campus there’s an equally handsome feline. He’s always ready for cuddles and has relieved stress for many an on-edge medical student. You won’t find him near the pool at St. Luke’s though – you know how cats feel about water.

Prince Hairy


Over on Jubilee Road, you’ll find a cat whose title is as royal as his street name. He likes to strut his stuff and if you’re lucky he’ll let you pat his head – but if you’re not from Holland Hall don’t even bother.

Princess Puss Puss


Another member of Insta-cat royalty. Here she’s seen running along Prospect Park, which is fitting since her prospects have always been bright. She’s Surrey born and bred but daddy paid for her to go to Exeter to study “dog avoidance tactics”. She has a bit of a thing for the bad boys and once she’s dug her claws in she always gets what she wants.



She’s always in Stash and never takes off her white socks – they’re her faves. When she’s not chasing a ball of wool around the garden with the Exeter furball team you’ll find her necking shots of fish guts in Ro-cat-cos. A bit of a purrty animal.



He constantly gets abuse for the colour of his fur but he doesn’t give a whisker. As a rugby-mewnion lad he’s conditioned to stay strong and always be the best – just look at the determination in those eyes.