Bongo, Kings, Windy: All the words you could have in an Edi themed Wordle

Because you can’t start the day without doing the Wordle

Are you more dedicated to the Wordle instead of your coursework? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

For those who don’t know, Wordle is pretty simple: you have six tries to guess a five letter word. With each try, letters will either turn green, yellow, or grey based on whether the letter is in the word. While simple enough, the game has taken the world by storm and you can spot Edi students playing it everywhere from the queues on Cowgate to the library (hey at least it’s sort of educational?).

So, here’s a list of all the possible words there would be if Wordle was made solely for Edi students.


If this was the Wordle of the day, I bet 75 per cent of Edi students would guess it on the first try.

The singular form of the Edinburgh Uni girl uniform or Monday’s club night at WhyNot—take your pick. Either way, flare is synonymous with the Edi yah stereotype.


Now let’s be honest, unless you’re a student studying STEM, you’ve probably not been to King’s Buildings (because why on Earth would you?).

However, for this portion of Edi students who will actually get a stable job offer out of university, the King’s Buildings are home.


Subway venom. Need I say more.


Teviot nachos. While the lack of the ‘s’ might throw some players off, the love for Teviot nachos is unmatched. 


We all call it ‘Bongos’, but this Midnight Bass club night that’s part of every Pollockian’s Tuesday night is actually called ‘Bongo’ (I know, shocking).

A subject of Hugo and Arabella’s conversations for the next week, it’s certainly associated with the Edi experience and with a double O, would be easy to guess. 


Another word starting with ‘b’ and ending with ‘o’ but arguably less synonymous with Edi than ‘Bongo’, Bento is one of the most popular spots for students to grab sushi or a curry bowl after a hard day’s work in the library.


Whether for WhyNot on Wednesday nights or outside Big Cheese, the queues that come with Edi nights out are very common.

(Chancellor’s or Salisbury) Court

Whether you were a Chancellor’s boy born and bred or just went to a gaff at Salisbury once and was put off by the fact that everyone can watch you in the courtyard, Edinburgh Uni’s ‘court’ accommodation is well-known. 


Because are you really having the true Edi experience if you don’t have one in your flat?

With three vowels, this word would be easy to guess. 


The wind in Edinburgh is a whole other level, it even caused the Main Lib to close once!

Edi students have all experienced almost being blown away while walking home through The Meadows. Who needs to call an Uber when the wind can just carry you for free?


Another word starting with ‘w’, wraps are an essential part of the Edi student diet. However, the real question is: are you more Nile Valley or Africano?


As in Greyfriars Bobby. A monument in Edinburgh that you don’t really think twice about until you show your gran when she comes up to visit you.


For North Bridge or North Face.

Whether you have a Pret subscription or are one of the esteemed few who live in New Town, North Bridge is one of the most-walked streets in Edi connecting New Town to Old Town.

Honestly, having to manoeuvre North Bridge on a rainy day is probably harder than most of my coursework.  


Maybe you call it Garibaldi’s to be quirky and different, but Gari’s Mondays are a staple for Edi students.

Just don’t hurt yourself on the pole x


While Lidl may be the go-to for food shopping, the Tesco meal deal is an essential part of an uni student’s nutrition.

If you don’t have a Clubcard yet, what are you doing? 


For the Royal Mile of course!

While it might not be part of an Edi student’s daily routine, it’s one of the first things you show your home friends when they visit, and can make for an ~aesthetic~ Insta story.


And finally, whether initiated by deadlines or the stress that comes with trying to find an Edinburgh flat, tears are an essential part of the uni experience. 

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