Quiz: Plan your ideal Valentine’s in Edi and we’ll tell you which Euphoria man is your soulmate

Not everyone can get Fez

The likelihood is that you have heard of Euphoria, and either it’s you latest obsession (along with Wordle) or you know an obscene amount about it despite never having seen an episode, purely from all the TikToks. Either way I’m sure you’re aware the standard for men in the show is pretty low. Sorry all you Nate fans.

However, I’m sure many of us have convinced ourselves that Fez is in fact our soulmate (or at least I have), so let’s see how accurate we are. With today being Valentine’s Day, we’ve come up with a quiz that tells you who would accompany you on your ideal Valentine’s Day in Edi.

Let’s see if you’ll be heading to Pear Tree with McKay, or pottery painting with Elliot:

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