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Here are the Best Dressed of Fly Open Air 2019

TechNO? TechYES!

Get out your neon fishnets and put on your bucket hat, it's time to FLY. You rocked outfits brighter than the sun, made it past the sniffer dogs and raved with tiny plastic cups of cheap beer. What more could you want from a Scottish outdoor music festival in September?

I now present to you the best dressed of this year's FLY – a carefully curated selection of absolute kings and queens out here making you feel incredibly basic.

OK so this neon ensemble with a supreme bumbag officially makes this guy King of Fly and I don't want to hear any arguments

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Tiny sunglasses, pastel trousers, chunky filas AND a bandana? We stan

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Honestly bow down to these queens

OK so tulle and combat boots is the best trend of this year's FLY, fight me

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Can we talk about the mesh under the plain t-shirt and simple hoop belt? Honestly, a queen

I don't know what church these guys go to but I want to convert

Paisley shirts, a lei and edgy hats? Ok then

This jacket is EVERYTHING

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Tulle, neon, courdory and combat boots? Werk it

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And the girl band of FLY award goes to

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Honestly I'm on my way out to buy blonde hair dye

Athlesuire and a pout more fierce than Naomi Campbell? Well ok then

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Somebody put these boys on Love Island

This pic is huge AdiDaddy energy

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Tiny sunglasses and techno coats got Depop BLOWING up

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A tiny neon bag, mesh and snake print flares, this pic takes the best of all the last few months' trends

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Catch me ordering Ting Thai six times a week hoping this guy will deliver it

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These girls are cooler than you and we all know it

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Proof that the leopard print trend will NEVER die

OK, so this combination of colours brighter than my future plus that floppy hat has me weeping into my JONI jeans

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This guy's jacket and beret match his comme de garçons trainers and I'm shook

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Plaid twins?? Cher Horwitz would be proud

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As if!

BRB starting a fan account for this combat trousers queen

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Reflective clothing, bucket hats and festival chic bumbags are everything we deserve from FLY

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