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Edinburgh ski trip students banned from club after reports of violence

Official reps told students to avoid the nightclub ‘at all costs’

Edinburgh students on the Snowsports Club's annual ski trip last week were alerted by travel reps to avoid certain nightclubs in the French alpine resort Avoriaz due to reports of a "violent group" in the town.

Official reps from travel company NUCO, who organised the trip in conjunction with EUSSC, advised students to avoid the Le Yak nightclub in Avoriaz due to a series of reported violent incidents.

One student was left with a black eye and bruised ribs after being attacked by a group outside a bar, and students were allegedly being pepper sprayed by security in the resort.

A statement issued to students from NUCO last week read: "Please avoid the Yak nightclub. Due to a large group, that have at times been violent in the resort this week, we advise that all of our guests avoid this venue at all costs."

There have also been reports that bouncers at clubs in the resort went to extreme measures to prevent students from entering, allegedly using pepper spray. Karla, a fourth year student who attended the trip, told The Edinburgh Tab: "We were told to stay away from certain clubs because bouncers were pepper spraying students who try to get in." Second year Jo also reported: "Our trip rep told us we weren't allowed to walk down the main street home alone at night."

When contacted for comment, a NUCO representative told The Edinburgh Tab: "This has been EUSSC's largest alpine trip on record, with the vast majority of passengers demonstrating exemplary behaviour. We are not able to comment on the specifics as those involved were not travelling with NUCO.

"If, at any time on any of our trips, we believe passengers' wellbeing could be jeopardised, we will always communicate any relevant information to help reduce said risk."

Le Yak commented: "This winter we decided to not allow any English or foreign clientele into the club, for the safety of everyone. We have had no problems within the club. What may have happened outside isn’t our problem.

"This goes without mentioning last week's NUCO clients, who were absolutely scandalous in the resort and who caused problems at all levels (accommodation, security, alcoholism).

"Thank you for understanding the reasoning behind our decision which was motivated by the time of year and the existing clientele."

EUSSC have also been contacted for comment.