Edinburgh has been named the best city in the world to live in

As if we didn’t know already?

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Edinburgh has been named the best city in the world to live in, according to a study by global consultancy firm Arcadis. The study measured the social, economic and environmental health of one hundred cities across the globe – and our beloved Edi placed first in the social category.

Arcadis marked cities based on three pillars of sustainability – people, planet and profit. It was the "people" sector, determining overall liveability and quality of life, that Edinburgh excelled in. The high standards of education, health, income inequality, work-life balance, crime, demographics and cultural offerings here led to Edi being placed above other major cities like Paris, London and Stockholm.

Meadows, u cute

Edinburgh Council leader Adam McVey attributes Edi's success to Scotland's "highly skilled, well-educated and adaptable workforce with five higher education institutes in the global top 200. Pair this with a high quality of life, where healthcare and higher education are free and crime is low and this demonstrates just some of the strengths which make the country so desirable."

It's not all good news though – Edinburgh only placed third overall, held back in the environmental and economic categories by problems like rising house prices, congestion and lack of designated recreational space. Say what you like Arcadis – we'll take the Meadows any day.

Featured image credit: Tilmandralle, from Wikimedia Commons