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Someone has set up an Instagram that posts pretentious things overheard at Pollock

It posts some of the most Pollock things you’ve ever heard

Pollock Halls is the social hub for Edinburgh freshers, renowned for eating up fresh-faced first years who still shop at Next, and instantly churning them back out, as techno hounds who look like a walking Urban Outfitters store.

However, beneath the wavy uni vibes, the flared trousers and the (bought-online) signet rings, there's much more than meets the eye. The love for Waitrose, Barbour and the monarchy is something that will never die at Pollock.

Finally, we've got somewhere we can go when we want to laugh or cry at the pretentiousness of Edinburgh. "Pretentious Pollock" is a new Instagram account, that is solely dedicated to posting pretentious things that have been overheard around Pollock Halls.

The page prides itself on being "posh", "pompous", and "pretentious", as it posts a range of unbearably classic content which one can only assume has come out of the mouth of anyone who lives in Chancellor's Court.

The account was set up at the start of October, and it's thought to be created by an Edinburgh Uni student, but its owner remains mysterious.

The admin, however, invites people to send in anything they have overheard at Pollock via DM. Please do this, people. It's entertaining.

Here are some of its finer posts: