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Here are some of the craziest Fringe shows going on this year

One guys just can’t get enough of puns

Every August, Edinburgh gets busy beyond belief as artists and performers from all over the world come to the city, all competing for the limelight and the chance to get the exposure they need to make their big break.

There is an unholy amount of shows on the programme as always, and this of course means that some of them are going to be pretty wacky and different to anything you or I have ever seen before.

The ones listed below demonstrate the variety of entertainment the Fringe offers. They are all as enticing as each other, all quirky in their own way, and their little blurbs leave a lot to the imagination.

Aaaaaaaaand Now It's Time for… Roger Swift's Pun-U-Matic (The Second Leg)

There are two things you need to know about Mr Roger Swift. 1) he prides himself on being corny. And 2) he just absolutely loves puns. Whether they're spoken, visual, musical or prop-fuelled puns, he honestly lives and breathes puns.

He was only a bloody finalist in the UK Pun Championship of 2016 and 2017. Yes, that's actually a thing, and he was a bleeding finalist. He must be intensely good at finding puns.

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Accordion Fight Show

This guy is an award-winning folk-punk musician. Apparently, if you go to watch his shows, you can expect to see an exhilarating performance from the world's loudest and most naked accordion player.

Is that what people want to see? A naked man playing the accordion, I'm not so sure. You never know until you try though.

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The Lady Boys of Bangkok

The clue is in the name with this one really. You'll get to the venue, and you'll witness sixteen of the world's most glamorous show-women dancing, but they just happen to be men.

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Credit: Jim Carey

Late Night Comedy Death Camp

Who else is a bit terrified by this one? This show promises some of the best standup on display at this years Fringe. It sounds as though it could be quite dark humour, I mean it's every day a comedian holds themselves at knifepoint when taking a selfie. One thing's for certain though, and that's that Henry Ginberg's performances are fuelled by a large amount of alcohol.

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Danger Strip Show

This show is supposedly bursting at the seams with attitude. The cast carry out an array death-defying stunts, all whilst conducting a strip tease. That's actually mental.

Think about it, does one need any additional pressure to be added when stood on stage taking off your kit one item at a time, whilst a room full of strangers and your loyal family members watch on?

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Credit: Rebecca Stella