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Edinburgh Uni has a new Rector and she is only the second woman to have held the role in 159 years

She was voted in today

After a university-wide vote, Ann Henderson was announced as the new Rector at the University of Edinburgh this evening – and she's just the second woman to have ever been Rector since the position was created over a century ago.

The role of Rector involves chairing the meetings of the university court, which makes wide-scale decisions about the plans of the institution, and liaising with EUSA. Several prominent and important people have filled the position at Edinburgh before, including Sir Winston Churchill and William Gladstone – but only one woman.

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Henderson is a graduate of the university, and a former Labour Party executive. Her campaign goals include focusing on negotiating towards affordable student housing, better student support services, and equal treatment of staff and students regardless of their gender, race, or orientation.

She has also come out in support of the UCU strike, urging students in her speech at yesterday's Bristo Square rally to put pressure on the university to recognise the importance of fair pay and pensions.