Edinburgh’s spiciest Singles of the Week

These pringles are ready to mingle

Francesca, 3rd year, Business Management



Describe yourself in three words: Classy, not trashy

Drink of choice? Strawberry daiquiri, if it's not frozen don't bother

Perfect night out? Anything but Hive

Fave romantic Edinburgh location? The Ivy

Best physical attribute? My smile

Proudest achievement? Organising a one-off club night attended by over 350 students

Any dating deal-breakers? Doesn't pay (especially on first date), boy bye

The glam Francesca might seem like a frosty lady – if her choice in cocktail is anything to go by – but any lucky boys (with full wallets) willing to wine and dine her will surely be in for a treat.

Archie, 2nd year, History & Politics

moody and mysterious

moody and mysterious

Describe yourself in three words: Attractive, charismatic, greathair (apparently this is one word)

Drink of choice? Tyskies

Perfect night out? Tuesdays at Sneaky Pete's

Fave romantic Edinburgh location? Bramble

Best physical attribute? My calves

Proudest achievement? Someone once said I was like Leo from Titanic, but better looking

Any dating deal-breakers? Doesn't like kebabs

This dark-haired Leo-lookalike is on the hunt for a lady not afraid to tuck into parcels of suspicious meat after a mad one at Sneaky's. Interested? Prepare to be treated to a fancy drink – he might even let you have a glimpse of his exquisitely-formed calves.

Verity, 3rd year, Philosophy & Maths

There must be a cheese-lover out there for me somewhere….

There must be a cheese-lover out there for me somewhere….

Describe yourself in three words: Funny, weird and (very) sarcastic

Drink of choice? Rum and coke

Perfect night out? Leaving Hive early to go get cheesy chips and garlic mayo at El Falafel

Fave romantic Edinburgh location? Calton Hill

Best physical attribute? My eyes (be careful not to get lost in them)

Proudest achievement? I recently did stand up for the first time so I'm pretty proud of that

Any dating deal-breakers? They don't like cheese

Funny girl Verity isn't afraid to get down on the dance floor at Hive – and she's looking for that special someone to sneak out with before the lights come up. Get ready to gaze into her eyes over a styrofoam box of cheesy, garlicky chips/

Yas, 4th year, Theology

Yas with someone who's not his girlfriend

Yas with someone who's not his girlfriend

Describe yourself in three words: Faf-hater, dissertation-avoider and Snapchat-lover

Drink of choice: Semi-skimmed milk when the sun’s up, Doombar when the sun’s down

Perfect night out: Really wanted to not say Prow, but if I’m being honest, it’s Prow

Fave romantic Edinburgh location: ^^see above

Your best physical attribute: I could grow facial hair from a weirdly young age

Proudest achievement: Got to report on a cricket match at the Home of Cricket this summer, that was pretty beaut

Dating deal-breakers: Anyone who wipes standing up, what the hell’s wrong with you? This would probably be my opening question on the first date

Who wouldn't want a date with the Tab's very own Yas? Catch up on Edinburgh's latest gossip, shared over a VK, with the dulcet tones of the Liam Gallagher blasting through the Prow speakers. And let's face it – he's bound to agree to anything just to avoid cracking on with that dissertation.

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of this week's beautiful singles, feel free to email us at [email protected] or message The Tab Edinburgh on Facebook. Happy mingling!