If you’re dressing up as any of these on Halloween, you’re not being creative enough

Back to the drawing board

Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone is in a mad rush trying to piece together a costume for the many parties they've been invited to. Many want to be original, maybe making their own costume to save some money, just trying to avoid that awkward situation when them and five other people at the party are all dressed as the same thing.

These are the cliche costumes that you should NOT wear this Halloween if you're trying to be original:


People who dress up as Catwoman wear running lycra to uni everyday anyway, so figure they may as well wear it on Halloween and just stick some cat ears on.


Harley Quinn

This costume is good one if you're willing to spend over £100. And the hair always works so well.


Patrick Bateman

Someone who decides to dress up as Patrick Bateman, does so because they think they have the hair and jawline to pull it off, not the mention the washboard abs. But after twenty minutes of them miserably glueing their hair down with Brylcreem and hairspray, they realise it looks god awful, but have no time to re-shower so have to stick with it.


The Joker

The only reason someone dresses up as the joker is because they don't have an original bone in their body, but they have more money and to spend on their costume than anybody else. They fail to understand why it doesn't go down well when they show up at the party.



When thinking about going as Batman, think about the fact that the only way to do this and not look hopeless is by buying a Batman costume. Are you really going to buy a Batman costume? Are you REALLY going to buy a Batman costume?



Everybody considers going as Dracula, it's the first thing everyone thinks of. Then they realise that everybody is planning on going as Dracula, so gets a bit more creative.


The Racist Costume

Two mates think it would be hilarious to go to the party dressed as the Twin Towers. They arrive at the party and realise that they are just a horrible human beings, when they are chatting to their boring flat mate who borrowed his Dad's tux to go as 007.

A Clockwork Orange

There's always a few art students who've read 'A Clockwork Orange' and want to let everyone know how much better they find it the book than the film. They don't realise that the costume merely consists of putting on a pair of white briefs and some flimsy braces that keep pinging off. They might as well have gone as pants man.



This person looks by far the best dressed at the party, until they have to have a drink and are from then on just wearing a boring black robe with their mask in their hand.


Mario and Luigi

Two best friends make a pact the Halloween before to go as Mario and Luigi next year. It's been a plan for ages and then the day before, one of them ended up bailing, leaving a lonesome Luigi at the party.


Harry Potter




It's the one time of year this person gets to dress up as a cheerleader, they're not going to miss it.