New pop-up horror bar set up at abandoned Edinburgh medical facility

Happy Halloween

Black Market Barracks are hosting terrifying tours and serving cocktails as they invite the public to experience ‘Private Hell’.

This gives people the chance to explore an abandoned medical facility off Market Street, and hear the backstory of Black Market Barracks – the now disused military medical facility, having been abandoned for many years now ever since ‘the incident’.

The story goes that an injured soldier was attacked by a vicious virus, turning him into a member of the undead.

(Photo credit: Black Market Barracks)

(Photo credit: Black Market Barracks)

If you are planning on going then be prepared for jump scares and plenty of gory undead soldiers lingering in the hallways.

Should you make it through the facility undetected by its inhabitants, you’ll be rewarded with a drink in the horror-themed pop-up bar.

(Featured image credit: Ben Glasgow)