The Three Sisters is hosting a pub quiz on memes

What in tarnation…

The Three Sisters Bar on Cowgate is hosting a ‘Meme Pub Quiz’.

The event describes itself as for those who ‘spend more time tagging friends in memes’ than working.

Run by EGP Ghana Society, the quiz aims to stretch the knowledge of every ‘meme expert’.

According to EGP Ghana, the focus will be on the more ‘classical’ memes. There will also be a ‘name the origins’ round with questions like: ‘What film does the evil Kermit meme originate from?’ or ‘What was the zoo where Haramabe died?’.

EGP Ghana are a group of volunteers raising money to travel to Ghana this summer to help set up sustainable toilet facilities. The quiz will be in aid of their cause.

The quiz will be on the 5th April.