Edinburgh revealed as a top 20 worldwide tourist destination for young people

We came 14th in the WHOLE world

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According to Hostelworld, the world’s largest hostel booking platform, Edinburgh was one of the most visited global traveller destinations in 2016.

Edinburgh was the 14th most visited city among hostel users in 2016, the second placed city in the UK behind London, which finished first.

Amazingly, Edinburgh managed to finish ahead of world-renowned travel hotspots such as New York, Sydney and Venice who finished 15th, 18th and 20th respectively. 

90 per cent of Hostelworld’s users are under the age of 35, showing how popular Edinburgh is with young people around the world.

Otto Rosenberger, CMO at Hostelworld, said: “Year after year we see young hostel travellers setting the tone for travel in the year ahead. Hostel travellers are the most daring and crave real, spontaneous and authentic experiences with other open-minded travellers.”

I wonder if they’re daring enough to encounter the authentic, mind-opening experience that is a Wednesday in Hive.