Game of Thrones pop-up bar to open in Edinburgh

Winter is coming


A Game of Thrones themed bar will open in Edinburgh next semester.

Remember those delicious looking pints, that Tyrion and Bronn get wasted on whilst spending their time in one of those medieval, cozy, warm taverns? Well, all hail, because those pints, hopefully together with a lookalike Jon Snow, are coming to Edinburgh on the 4th of January.The new Game of Thrones-inspired bar, called Blood and Wine, promises not only to recreate the oomph and the atmosphere of Westeros pubs, but also offer a wide range of drinks “mentioned, drunk, thrown or poisoned” in the novels or the show.

Luckily for the organisers- The Pop Up Geeks- the spirit of medieval times does not need to be artificially rendered in Edinburgh. In fact, Edinburgh Castle was an inspiration for the notorious Red Wedding. Therefore, all you need to do now is dress up like your favourite hero (preferably, the one,who managed to stay alive throughout all six seasons) and visit the cellar under Daylight Robbery on Dublin Street, where the bar will be located.

A true Game of Thrones experience, including the opportunity to raise a glass to the King in the North, will be available every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5 PM throughout January.

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