The truth behind the creepy light and sound spectacle in George Square

Halloween was last month, right?

Many of you may have noticed that, every night this week, central campus has been the centre of some pretty weird goings-on. Although it may seem to be a bizarre protest from a hippy university society about the death of nature, it is in actual fact an art exhibition.

George Square has been lit up by light shows and faces projected on trees and buildings accompanied by sounds and music, in an artistic show by renowned artist, and friend of David Bowie, Tony Oursler, as an exhibition called The Influence Machine. The show has been taking place around George Square from 7pm to 9pm every evening since Tuesday this week. The exhibition will end on Saturday. Oursler describes the piece as a “holographic model of human desire and dread,” and consists of holographic faces being projected onto trees, buildings and mist, coupled by a light show and eerie harmonica sounds and voices.

Spooky (Credit: Tony Oursler)

Oursler was well known for his video art in the 1980’s, and specialised in halucinogenic and radical experimentation (something most of the student body here at Edi can probably get behind) often using projection, animation, montage and live action.

Oursler was awarded an honourary degree from the university last night following the exhibition.