Edi students stage Halloween protest outside the library


Last night students brought a unique twist to Halloween with a pumpkin-themed protest. The students, who were protesting against the uni’s investments in fossil fuel companies, left Jack O’Lanterns around central campus which were carved with messages calling on the University to divest.

That’s some creative pumpkin carving

This spooky demonstration is the latest development in an ongoing battle between the uni and its students over the institution’s continued investment in armaments and fossil fuels companies. The five year divestment campaign, which is led by People & Planet Society and the Edinburgh University Students’ Association, has repeatedly put pressure on the University by calling for it to discontinue its financial backing of the arms and fossil fuel industries, and instead to reinvest in sustainable energy sectors.

The protest was held around Central campus

Nuri Syed Corser, a 4th year student in Social Anthropology & Politics and campaigner said: “It’s integral that universities like Edinburgh use their influence and prestige to drive forward a just transition to a carbon-neutral economy. It’s only by removing investments from fossil fuel companies that we can break the power of this industry.”