There’s now a way to see ALL the pictures people have been liking on Facebook

Sorry fuckboys, there’s no where to hide

Facebook stalking is not just an addiction, it’s now a way of life. Whether it’s your tutorial crush, your girlfriend, or your flatmate who you’re secretly in love with, Facebook allows you an insight into who they’re out with, who they’re talking to, and what they had for dinner.

But, sometimes tagged pics just aren’t enough and the next thing you know a cheeky stalk turns into you trying to guess their password for three hours. Although we can’t help you with that, there’s now something almost as good. You can literally search for a persons name and ALL the pictures they’ve ever liked are right in front of you. Enjoy.

he said he didn’t even think she was pretty

Step 1 

Go to the search bar and type in ‘photos liked by *insert name*’.

Step 2

Try not to fail your dissertation.