The best alternative revision spots in Edinburgh

If you can’t make it to your 9:00 am, how are you getting to the library at 7:30?


I am baffled by the Edinburgh University students mentality. People regularly complain about how rubbish 9:00ams are and then sleep through them. But as soon as exams come about you are all in the lib at 7:30 rushing to get one of the elusive spaces on 4th floor.

But hark! For here is the ultimate guide to where to revise if you actually went to your 9ams and don’t need to do 14 hours of revision a day. Because you are an organised person. I am proud of all of you.

I must admit that I am not one of these bunch – I just decided to pick my courses so that I didn’t have any 9ams.

50 George Square

A rather well known option but not as popular as the library. It has a nice calm atmosphere and you are bound to bump into someone you know so when the revision gets too much you can go to them and moan about it.

This was taken during revision – look at all of those free desks

The New Amphion cafe in Teviot

This is one of my personal favourites for revision. You can get there around 10-11 and there will still be seats available which is ideal for those of us that aren’t good at waking up before 9. When lunch time comes around you can also nab some of the infamous Teviot nachos that are just so good.

The sofas are perfect for a quick nap

DHT Cafe

Similar to The New Amphion there are some great snack options (there’s even fun healthy options). This is a good place if you are doing group revision and are talking or just need to vent about how you are going to fail. If you are lucky you may even get a booth.

The Meadows

With the great weather that we had last week there is still hope that the weird snow/sunshine weather will stop and those sun-worshippers can go and revise and tan at the same time. It’s ideal for group work and in your revision breaks you can watch the men attempt to slack-line (apparently that is the name for the tight-rope people).

Your bedroom

You pay rent for your bedroom. That means that part of that rent went towards that desk. It’s basic maths. Make the most of the extortionate rents that we for some reason pay. Also you can wake up whenever you want, get snacks whenever you want and can where your pyjamas for all of these activities.

King’s Buildings

It is a bit far away. However this means fewer people, and fewer people means less distractions. If your friend has a car it eases the whole distance problem considerably. Hugh Robson Building

The Hugh Rob bunker is perfect for the day before an exam. The lack of natural light gives you the siege mentality you need for the final stretch of revision. Almost always has free spots and is open 24/7 if you’re really behind on work. 

And remember:

If in doubt use the app.