Meet the girls behind @SexDrugsJMCC on Instagram

The account transforming the JMCC from no to nom nom nom

Never before has the JMCC been portrayed in such a good light. ‘Sex. Drugs. JMCC.’ is the Instagram account shedding new light on Pollock’s famed food hall.


Often renowned for its less-than Michelin starred cuisine, it has for generations of Pollockers been a place that screams ‘love/hate’. We all enjoy the hash browns more than we should, but does a greasy fried egg a day really keep the doctor away?

With 360 followers and counting, ‘Sex. Drugs. JMCC.’ is working to change these perceptions, with humour to go with it.

That time when there was no coke

Like when Ross Kemp met with ‘gangs’, meeting the duo behind the account in the surprisingly busy Bar@JMCC was an intense moment.

The two, who do not wish to be identified, preferring instead to be known only as Nice Cube and Dr. Bae, having both come ‘straight outta Compton’ (Compton, Berkshire that is), were dressed in their traditional Pollock garb – black Adidas trainers, ripped jeans, gap year trousers, their hair slicked back into ponytails.

Nice Cube and Dr Bae: the mystery remains

With Mad World playing over the speakers creating a strangely sombre mood and a Canada Goosed man outside the window enjoying his third cigarette in what seemed as many minutes, we began.

Medium latte in hand, Nice Cube outlined how the inspiration for the account had first come about. It was one cold morning in February apparently, and smoked salmon was available for breakfast.

Dr Bae has been to South-East Asia

She said: “It was something that had to be recorded – a multi seed bagel with Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon and cracked black pepper – not something you see everyday at the JMCC. With such food available and so few people aware, we felt it our duty to document the realities, good and bad, of the so-often underappreciated JMCC.”

This salmon bagel was the first picture to be posted to the account. The rest is history. It’s all rather heart warming. According to Dr Bae, this post set them on a “rollercoaster that didn’t end – a slippery slope to stardom.”

Smoked salmon!? Who knew!?

But what, beyond this, is the point you may ask?

The mysterious duo had a few words on their aims with ‘Sex. Drugs. JMCC.’

Nice Cube kicked it off, she said: “Pollock is such a weird place with so many little quirks and stereotypes. It’s almost like its own culture. We try to harness that culture to be an uplifting force for the people of Pollock.”

Ripped jeans. Get the Pollock look.

Dr Bae went on, she said: “It’s amazing how people get involved – sending in their own supper shots, messaging us to ask what’s for dinner – they care! Even mummy has downloaded Instagram so she can follow the posts!”

With such astronomical levels of new found fame, you might think it would all go to these humble Pollocker’s heads. And arguably it has.

She said: “Once in Tron we had five girls coming over and fangirling us.”

With quality pictures like this, is fangirling really a surprise?

But still they’re not immune to the pressure that all good Instagrammers from Kimmy K to Tay Tay inevitably feel.

Dr Bae had this to say: “There is an expectation to live up to. I’ve panicked before and posted a picture of food to my private Insatgram by accident. It’s really time consuming – I’m beginning to accept I may never get that fabled 2:1.”

I mean, this must have taken time to assemble

So what does the future hold for these two up and coming grammers? Inevitably that fateful day will come when they’ll have to leave Pollock for good.

“We did discuss becoming RAs, but gave up on that idea when rumours started circulating about our motives. We might have an heir lined up now though, so watch this space!”

Good news Pollockers old and new. It seems ‘Sex. Drugs. JMCC.’ may be around for a little while longer!