Larry Sanders came to Edinburgh to campaign for his younger bro Bernie

He calls him Bernard

The elder brother of US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came to Edinburgh on Friday to promote his sibling’s campaign.12773088_10208768910444372_611182855_o

Larry Sanders, a former Green party councillor in Oxfordshire himself, spoke with three other left-wing activists at a busy event at the Augustine United Church. The church was filled with a predominately older audience although there were still a few Edinburgh and Napier students present.

He was encouraging American expats to vote for his brother in Edinburgh in the upcoming Democrats Abroad Presidential Primary which will help determine the Democrat Party’s candidate for President. Despite this being the point of his talk, very few, if any, of the audience were actually American themselves.

Larry spoke at length about how his brother’s greatest success has been his ability to unite huge swathes of voters from different backgrounds.

The event was a part of Larry’s wider UK tour to garner support for his younger brother before the Tuesday’s Primary.