It’s cheaper to drive home to London than get the train

Because all Edinburgh students come from London

It is £150 cheaper to drive to Edinburgh from London than to get the train, according to new research.

In a study by Kwik Fit Insurance Services, it was found that it costs £149.77 more to get the train to Edinburgh comparing fuel costs with rail fares.

This is one of the greatest differences in cost between driving and getting the train of the routes studied.

However, although the train is more expensive, it takes two and a half hours less to travel between the two cities by rail than in a car.

Bonnie Scotland beats London anyway

Kwik Fit Insurance Services marketing director Stewart Barnet said: “While environmental impacts should always be considered, some of the huge differences in cost and the value for money you get for saving short amounts of time means that it is difficult to argue the case for train travel on some journeys.

“When you think about car sharing and family trips, the savings can be even more substantial as people aren’t paying out for a seat per person.”

Whether this will stop Edinburgh students slumming it in Virgin First Class or not is yet to be seen.