EUSA to provide free sanitary products and pregnancy tests

Welcome to the 21st century

The new EUSA team promised change, and they delivered.

As proposed in EUSA Vice President for Societies and Activities, Andy Peel’s manifesto EUSA are to be offering students free sanitary products.

The products, which are not deemed by the government as a necessity, will be available from the Advice Place in Potterrow.  The move follows mounting pressure from students and the Feminist Society on EUSA to subsidise the products in shops across campus.


In the words of Andy Peel: “why should you pay?”

Writing in The Student, Andy also announced that pregnancy tests will be immediately available free of charge. These can also be found at the Advice Place, where students can seek impartial and non-judgmental advice.

Hopefully EUSA’s bold move will encourage other university student associations across the country to follow suit.