We asked you what you really think of Chancellor’s…

You didn’t hold back

Chancellor’s Court in Pollock Halls is arguably one the nicest – but opinions on it are mixed.

The typical resident is either a red-blooded yah who justifies every action as being for Harry, England and St George.

Other residents try to mask their trust funds with edgy clothes from charity shops, but their godmother is the Queen.

For a mere £195.86 a week, residents of Chancellor’s get an ensuite, a TV, and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

The situation in Pollock Halls has developed rapidly into a ‘them and us’ situation with cries of “What do you think of Chancellor’s? Shit!” being a regular feature of Grant House predrinks.

Looks just as shit as anywhere else on a cold, autumn evening

Looks just as shit as anywhere else on a cold, autumn evening

But what do people really think of Chancellor’s?

Colin really hates Chancellor's

Colin really hates Chancellor’s

Colin, an IR student, says: “Chancellor’s is shit.”.

Chris, who does graphic design, was more hesitant: “I don’t know much about them. They’re very posh.”

Colin emphasised his stance, again saying: “Shit.”

Wishes he was in Chancellor's

Wishes he was in Chancellor’s. Alone.

Aidan on the other hand was more sympathetic towards his future bosses: “They’re really nice halls. I’m jealous. It’s just the people who piss me off.”

But Aidan did also many times emphasise that he thinks Chancellor’s is “shite”.

Ned: Class Warrior

Ned: Class Warrior

Chemical Engineer Ned’s dislike of Chancellor’s shone through: “It’s shit, innit? Full of posh boys and Tories.”

Hates topknots

Hates topknots

Chris, a Business and Economics student, also had strong feelings towards the Chancellor’s residents.

“They’re all really posh and have those stupid top-knot hairdos. Trying to be edgy but they’re top-knot wankers.”

Chancellor's proved to be wild for Matthew

Chancellor’s proved to be wild for Matthew

However, what’s the view from the inside like?

Matthew, an Economics student who lived in Chancellor’s when he was a fresher, said: “I think it’s great, it’s definitely the best in Pollock Halls. It’s wild, there were lots of great parties and good fun. I loved it.”

It seems that in general, everyone hates Chancellor’s unless you live there.

Or you might hate it because the only reason you’re in Turner is that you were rejected from your first choice- Chancellor’s. You big phoney.