Overheard in the library

‘I made eye contact with the library cat. Does that count as getting pussy’


It’s that time of year when the days are getting darker and student workloads heftier.

Naturally, the library becomes a second home for many.

But some have only just started getting into the routine of visiting.

An English Literature undergrad was overheard saying: “It’s my first time in the library this year.

“They didn’t have a Sparknotes page for this book.”

All the rage this time of the year.

Others are regulars.

“I just come here to take Snapchats,” said one fresher – wearing faux fur and an equally faux façade of studiousness.

Another, sitting in the library café, was overheard saying that they visit simply because the WiFi is faster and better for Netflix watching.

Is this young man doing his chemistry homework or watching Bridget Jones? Who knows.

In the more studious part of the library, at the second floor computers, a fresher taking Beginners’ Italian responded to their friend’s suggestion that their homework assignment of writing 100 words about a family member was simplistic:

“I started four weeks ago, mate. What do you expect me to have written? Dante’s Inferno?”

Meanwhile, in the library lift, a fourth year tried explaining their subject to a friend.

All that time drinking chai lattes in the library wasted.

“I do Sustainable Development. It’s basically a four year gap year.”

Packing up her crayola pencils, the friend replied: “And I do Geography.

“It’s basically taught by the Edinburgh College of Art.”

A library regular.

On the ground floor, there was talk of the infamous library cat.

“I made eye contact with the library cat earlier, Sam. Does that count as getting pussy?”