BNOC of the Year: Round 3

The third lot of Big Names on Campus


Time for the third round of Edinburgh’s finest Big Names. The last round saw Library Cat reign supreme with 68% of the vote. Commiserations to Xan Wood, Greg Swan and Benjamin Aluwihare you are simply Average Names on Campus for another year. Have a look at our nominees for Round Three…

The Hockey BNOC

Fyson, right, and those rosy cheeks!

Name: Ed Fyson

Year: 2nd

Degree: English Literature and Philosophy

“Famous for his ineptitude on the pitch across the hockey club and a regular at Big Cheese goer. As next year’s EU Hockey Club Social Sec, he’ll be responsible for the the fun of the biggest sports team in the uni. He’s also ‘too dry’ (not sure where this came from) the entire time, so gets made to pour beer/water all over himself. He stands out from the crowd with his consistently red cheeks (they’re the rosiest cheeks you’ve ever seen). Everyone seems to know him. Fys, Fys baby!”

The Fearless BNOC

Luke (right) with his rowing partner Jamie (left)

Name: Luke Birch

Year: 3rd

Degree: Geography

“Fear is not in this BNOCs vocabulary. At 18 years old he swam the English Channel solo in just 14 and a half hours. That wasn’t enough for this university student, this year he took on the Atlantic with his pal Jamie Sparks and they came away with a Guinness World Record for being the youngest pair ever to complete the challenge. Who know’s what he’ll do next…”

The Starlet BNOC

Name: Georgie Malcolm

Year: 2nd

Degree: English Literature and French

“Keen EUSOG member who most recently performed in The Mikado and frequently makes waves at Bedlam Theatre. She’s unbelievably talented and has a voice others envy. As well as all her performing arts commitments Georgie hosts her own show on FreshAir Radio. Surely only big things in the future for this BNOC.”

The Buckfast BNOC

Name: Alan Chung

Year: 2nd

Degree: Business

“This second year is a self-proclaimed big time Social Secretary for the Football Team and isn’t phased by the attention it brings from the ladies. Rarely seen without a drink in hand, or a bottle of Buckfast, and doesn’t go a day without being spotted on the CSE gym scene pumping iron. No one can stop him on and off the pitch.”

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