Scots word of the week

The Tab brings you the A-Z of Scots. D’ye speak Scots?

Since we study here in bonnie Scotland, The Tab has decided to bring you the run down each week of our favorite ‘Scots’ word.

Fastern’s Een

Another topical Scots word for this week. It’s nearly Lent – chosen what ridiculous thing to give up yet? – which can only mean one thing, PANCAKES!

MEANING: Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day

The Tab's topping of choice.

The Tab’s topping of choice.

Traditionally, Fastern’s Een was a Scottish festival held on the Tuesday before Lent where everyone feasted on scrumptiously rich food before the fasting of Lent. Nowadays however, we go wild for the pancakes! What’s your favourite topping?

This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on the 4th March, so keep an eye out on The Tab for more crêpe articles.